The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. I’ve changed, to the better or for the worse I don’t know, I don’t want to know. Met a few souls. Lost a few more. I hurt someone I loved a lot. I lied. I ran away, only to find that running away doesn’t really solve anything. I learned that the most vulnerable you can ever be, is if you don’t have a roof over your head. I learned that it is difficult to raise a child. And that’s its more difficult to find out that you don’t know them at all. I learned that a kiss can mean anything, everything or nothing at all. It can be the beginning or the end of something very very beautiful. I learned that love is just a word that is used to describe something we don’t really understand, but that we crave for it nonetheless. I learned that people who seem to have everything, once had nothing and those who seem to have nothing, really have a whole lot to look forward to. I learned that the people we truly love, never really leave us, and that they live across continents or half an hour away. If they do leave, there was never really love there in the first place, but a substitute that wares away in time which you don’t have to defend or be sad about. It’s just one of those things. I learned that the word ‘sorry’ repeatedly doesn’t really mean anything, but just makes you seem polite. I met a boy who grew up to be a person who saves lives because he knows what it’s like to lose one. I saw that love can exist between two people when they understand each other inside-out but also that the word ‘understanding’ had its limits too. I met an artist who loves his mother, more than anything else, so much that he would do anything to see her face every day. I met two friends, a boy and a girl, the most unlikely pair, connected by their love of the written word. I met a boy who bends reality, warps it so that you doubt what you saw in the palm of your own hand and start questioning yourself.  I heard a boy create sounds from the tips of his fingers, sounds that pour over your tired shoulder and sooth you into a lull you wish you never had to leave. I learned that the gentlest of souls, can turn into the exact opposite to defend themselves. I saw a girl mend broken bridges at night and I saw her friend building new ones by day. I learned that if you talk to an honest person, you realise how human they are, and that you find a part of yourself tumbling out after them.  I learned that none one of us are purely good or bad, but balance on a scale of choices. I saw laughter. And tears, and kisses freely given and freely taken besides sunsets that take your breath away. I saw bits and pieces into each of these souls and fell in love with each of them. Atleast the part they were honest about. Not one of us is perfect, but collectively, we are euphoric.  We are all halves and thirds and quarters, with our own demons to battle and angels to nurture. Maybe that’s why we only seem to add up to a whole when we’re together.


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