..but more than anything, I’ve missed words. Words that wrap themselves around you and make you feel at home. Words that fall off my finger tips onto the screen and make my loved ones smile. I’ve missed the soft pitter patter of them tumbling off the edge of my soul into your open hands, where you clasp them tight against your chest like fireflies at twilight. I’ve missed darting after them on the golden-brown pages in my favorite books and watching them unravel to me, thoughts and feelings belonging to someone else. Someone I don’t know by face, but by emotions that connect us as equals.

I’ve missed seeing the world through my mother’s eyes in the words that she speaks on paper. The ones that talk of sunny beaches and cat thoughts and clay huts, and tell me about me and my brother before we were small. Words that are warm and full, and mean the world to the people who give it away and to the people who receive it. Words that paint pictures in the mind of the person absorbing them. Words, that when you read them you hear the voice of that person inside your head, as though they are talking with you, right there seated next to you  on the bus or snuggled next to you at night. Words that make people laugh, and cry, and love, but also hurt. They are to be shared, and lived, and most of all, felt.

They are quite powerful.  Words, I mean.

They are not to be wasted on those who don’t know the value of it. Words that contain your soul and are an extension of your feelings…they are not for those who don’t deserve them.


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