You wake up to feel the sun on your face and a sense of freshness wafting in through your eyes and ears, a sense of a new day, with new hopes and things to do. Your brain is foggy because your senses are just kicking in, cogs turnin on their wheels to start a new something. Your mind is clear, unfocused. And you try to regain your bearings. What day is it today? Monday? What time is it? Am I late for work? And then it hits you. Like a whirlwind. Slams on to you like a slab of bricks, memories and thoughts and feelings of the previous night wash over you like a tidal wave, pin pricks your skin like a thousand needles and heat rushes in through your ears and warmth diffuses off your face. You remember last night as flashbacks of it rushes in through your pores. You’ve lost someone last night. A part of your soul that you thought you could never live without. A friend. A console. A confidate. A part of your memories washed away. Memories of comfort, and laughter, and tears shared over mistakes and broken promises, written like letters in the sand, washed away in a single, uncontrolled wave. A few words. That’s all it takes. To wash someone away forever, to have them look at you and not recognise the look in their eyes or to never have them look at you ever again. That comfort, and the adoration that you’ve earned and worked hard for so long, the time it takes to build a friendship with your bear hands, piling one memory brick on top another memory brick. In one unthoughtful and uncontrolled fraction of the clock, shatters at the base of everything that connected you with him. Or her. Your friend. For a friend to forget you over night, and to have them never write on the shores of your life again. What does it take to lose a friend over night? Not much. Just a few, harsh, unthought words.


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