Dear boy at the pub,

Don’t say hello to me if you don’t want to know me. Don’t even bother.

If you say hello to me, let it be because you want to be a friend. And not just because you “just want to have fun”. It’s okay. We can have fun too. But not in the sense that you mean. Sex is still fun.. But not with someone you just met -to me atleast-. We can still have fun talking about interesting things. Tell me a little about you. Tell me what you’re passionate about. Do you like books? I do too. You don’t? That’s fine. What else do you like? It’s a little noisy here isn’t it? Yeah. Wanna go some where else? Yes. Let’s go outside. The sky is pretty tonight. Plenty of stars to weive in and out of stories and legends. Feel free to be as cheesy and goofy and weird as you pictured this to be. There’s still a little boy in you who wants to dance and wiggle about in the sand to the banjos playing in the background. We can hold hands if you like. Or kiss. And hug? Because those are comfy things to do. It feels good to reach out to someone, both physically and emotionally. To giggle and whisper sweet nothings in each others ears. But let it not be only about material things like sex and money. Get to know her. Or him. Because we’re human, and we thrive on connections. Why bother wasting precious few minutes or hours or days on someone if you don’t emerge from it a positive person? To me, the fault in our stars is that we are so guarded, ( and with good reason too) while others are just downright dishonest, that they just don’t know how to love. Why is that? Aren’t we human? Capable of feeling and communicating, and understanding so much more than merely… being? When was the last time you actually connected to someone? And felt fully alive?

What is the point in being here? To make lots of money, flaunt it and fool around?

Once a friend said “Don’t be delusional. No one’s that good,” he insisted but I, with the fluff inside my head, continue to believe in fairy tales, like the one with the flying boy who insisted that you only need faith, trust and a little pixie dust.

What is your point if not to live and give and feel and love?

Wouldn’t you like to add to someone’s life positively and have them add to your life in the process? ย How magical would that be?

Sincerely, the girl you could have known.


3 thoughts on “Dear boy at the pub,

  1. Loved this piece of writing. I found myself nodding in agreement, laughing insanely and even tearing up a little out of joy [who wouldn’t for this line: “Thereโ€™s still a little boy in you who wants to dance and wiggle about in the sand to the banjos playing in the background.”!] whilst reading this. :’) #haw

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    1. Hey. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ well yeah, I am a little miffed at how people are so less into romance / bonding and more into hit and runs. I love connecting to people, and the fact that people don’t do that anymore, erks me.

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