I realised I’m love fluid.

If words could describe it, it would look like sound.

Picture music, with its highs and softs, and emotion and vibrance. It’s difficult. But it’s there. Intangible and infinite and beautiful. There are no strict boundaries as to who you fall for. No gender. No age. No religion. No right or wrong. No chaos or order. No balance of virtues. No ying and yang. There is no physical shape that cages your heart into choosing the type of love you want to gift. Her strengths empower me. His shoulders are for crying my eyes out when I feel that the whole world is out to get me. Stars fell out of the glass bottle she sent her message in. His thoughts, painful and beautiful, flow out of his box shaped heart like sound waves out of his guitar, and cascades on to my lap. Her hair reminds me of water, gentle, soothing and passionate. His voice reminds me of the earth; fragile, bold and supportive. It feels like the universe, forever, expanding and reaching out to the far corners of an endless vastness. I want him to know that I adore him. I want her to know that I am here for her no matter what. Every time I hear that song he’s so good at singing, it stings my heart that he will never know. Every time I hear her call out my name, I know that she is fighting and crying to stay sane.

This feels like an endless journey on a highway under an ink black sky scattered with stars that cry wise tears. Top down, with air swooshing past my ears, I feel like screaming, and laughing, and crying and talking, all at the same time.

This feels like freedom.

I’m endless.
Unbound and limitless.



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