I’m someone

I’m tired. I’ve never been so tired in my entire life. This week has been one of the most tiring weeks of my life, both physically and emotionally. It has come to a point where I wish I could just crawl into a hole in the wall and disappear. I’m tired of being whistled at on the road when I’m walking by myself. I’m tired of wearing headsets on the road and pretending to not hear every sick joke that men make at me. I’m tired of looking behind my shoulder when I step out of office at 6 pm. I’m tired of being pinched and poked and nudged and touched and groped and rubbed and slurped at and made sounds at.  I’m tired of listening to what men want to do to me, or what they want me to do them.

It is sickening to the core.

Let the other women fend off for themselves. Let the legal system go to hell. I don’t want to be involved in this fucked up hell hole where men in sheep skin walk among us acting innocent… Bad souls, all of them. Just ignore them and they will go away. I keep saying that to myself like it is true, like maybe if I kept repeating it, it will actually become true.

Yeah, right. Like hell it will. -_-

I don’t know if you, the reader know what this feels like. You may be a woman or a man, I don’t not know. You may have gone through this, or you may hove not. You may have heard about this or have this happened to you or someone you  know. Or you could be completely oblivious to this. That doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

I’m tired of people asking me what I wore after some man said something at me or touched me. AS THOUGH IT IS SOMEHOW MY FAULT THAT I GOT HARASSED ON THE ROAD.  I’m so fed up of confronting men on the road and taking them down the guilt trip of “Would you like it if this happened to your sister or mother?” when I really mean “FUCK YOU ASSHOLE, DO YOU LIKE IT IF SQUEEZED YOUR CROTCH OR PINCHED YOUR BUTT OR SAID FILTHY THINGS AT YOU?”

Never have I been so drained of energy trying to convince the world that I’m not “someone’s wife, daughter, sister or mother”, but that I am someone.  

I’m someone with feelings and emotions and vulnerabilities just like any other human being out there, irrespective of my fucking gender. Just because you are a man, it does not give you ANY right to make me feel like shit in my own skin. None of this fucking “Boys will be boys” bullshit. That’s how they start, you know…. Parents, take note. If your child whistles and rattles at a girl now and you think its cute, they grow up to be men who think its okay to have their way around women even if it is violating their personal space and peace of mind. They grow up to be the man who does not know how to respect a woman, or even a human being for that matter. Even if you think “its not thaaaat big of a deal”, guess what? it fucking is! It IS big deal to me because it happened to me. And to her. And to them. It’s not just me. Its a lot for women who go through this shit Every.Single.Day. On the bus, at work, at school, at the supermarket. ITS EVERYWHERE WE GO.  

I don’t mean to blow a fuse and generalise every man. No, I know that that is not true. There are assholes, but not everyone is an asshole. I’m merely saying it again, like so many thousands of women before me… it is happening and we don’t like it.

You see, the world really works in strange ways. Being human, I mean..I expect its a lot of clock work, like gently putting your left foot after your right foot and so on.. But beyond the obvious, being a human and being humane is a matter of feeling what other people feel. That’s why as a nation we ran to the aid of our people when we were hit by a tsunami and the recent floods. “Empathy” I believe its called in the dictionary. (Not that an asshole will know  it, or care)

Don’t take street harassment lightly. It’s not a joke or a phase or even a myth. It’s not something that women say to get attention or randomly blame a man. It IS happening. And it is “harassment” for a reason. THAT IS WHY it’s a big deal. Don’t tell me its the cloths I wear because females in hijabs covering everything but their eyes also get harassed. If this clothes theory is true, then these women will never have to undergo this kind of treatment in their entire life, BUT THEY STILL DO! They are just too scared to say it out loud. We see men on the road all the time shirtless. I don’t run up to them and pinch their nipples or make filthy noises at them. Do you see women whistling at them and making noises at them? If you think us wearing “provocative” or “revealing” cloths make the men say shit to us, then we should have the same right to say shit to shirtless men in sarongs on the road. BUT DO WE FUCKING DO THAT?

No. Because we are decent human beings.

Don’t think about what this will do to your sister or mother or girlfriend. Think about how you would feel if the roles were switched. How would you take it? How would you take it if you were groped, pinched and poked and nudged and touched and groped and rubbed and slurped at and made sounds at?

All this boils down to that one simple state of being.

If you don’t like it being done to you, don’t do it to someone else.


4 thoughts on “I’m someone

      1. It is. Not a single man understands what we are going through when we are being harrased in the streets, in public and everywhere. Not even many women understand it, sadly.


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