Strange love

Talk about love with someone who has felt love, or is feeling love. Two strangers would spin yarns of emotions about how they are feeling. An artist would draw an abstract image and you would recognise it for what it had made him feel. A writer would weave a tale as old as time, and you would waltz right into its pages. My friend, she says she’s in love. And we speak about love as though we can feel it at our fingertips.ย He has curly hair,ย and reminds me of happy elves when his eyes wrinkle at the sides. He has long straight hair that falls on to his shoulders and a voice that sounds like the earth building mountains from clay.

It’s strange. Two clueless people who thought they didn’t believe in it, talking to each other about the people we fell for. And we instantly know how it’s supposed to be… This thing called love. โค


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