You know when you’re in the presence of love. It is in the air around you, gently buzzing like static in the grass. It is in the stolen glances and the silent words. In the way his hands brush hers, the way she searches for him in a crowd of her friends. It is in the way that she doesn’t need you to be with her all the time, but still wants you to. It is in the way you are your best when you’re with him. It is in the way their center of focus orbits around each other.

As you watch her with him, you know that there is love between them.

There is love that you wish you were a part of.

Haven’t written anything love-y in a long time. I was listening to “Can I be him” by James Author and thought of what it would be like to watch love that you thought you were meant to have. An attempt at keeping my writing short, but to the point. 


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