The magical Menstrual Cup is now available in Sri Lanka!

Since I’ve tried the period cup, I’ve been telling any woman who would listen to me, about it! 😀  By the beginning of 2019, I’ve cupverted 170 women since I first spoke about this on my previous post Bleeding into a cup in Sri Lanka and so many women have sent inquiries about the cup since then. About 30 women have reserved cups from boondh.

I’m psyched that so many of you approached me asking about it, sending emails and messages back and forth and discussing possibilities of using it.

Congratulations on wanting to take this giant leap!

I guarantee that it will change your life forever, for the better! If you haven’t reserved one yet, please email me on I can’t wait for you to try it out and feel fabulous! ❤ 🙂

Here’s a small summary of what the menstrual cup is for those of you who are new to the idea.


How much is the menstrual cup?

Boondh is a social enterprise in India and I’m just trying to spread the love here. I bought it from them since it’s tested by them plus it serves their cause. Profits will fund their campaigns and make available cups to women in low-income communities. When you buy from Boondh, you sponsor 10+ years of someone’s menstrual product!


Single Cup: 1700 LKR
Together Cup: 3300 LKR where when you buy 1 cup, you donate another cup to a rural menstruator in India and also support boondh in their work.

You can select colours from Sunshine Yellow, Imperial Red, Fuschia (pink) and Teal.


What’s included?

  • 1 Menstrual Cup
  • 1 user manual ‘How to use your boondh cup’
  • 1 cute pouch to carry the cup with you


How to use your Menstrual Cup?

The first rule of using this cup is that you have to be on your period because the blood acts as a lubricant and makes the cup slide up your fanny — no hassle. There is an instruction manual attached to it also so you will be fine. Feel free to message me anytime and I will help answer your questions. If you send me questions, I’ll add them here as an FAQ too so others can benefit from it.

There are a lot of articles and videos out there that show you how to do it, but let me tell you what I do. Will add a short clip here soon too.


I’m filing this space up with questions that you want answered. So please send / comment and so on so I can have it open for everyone who’s curious. We can discuss more when you meet me to pick the cup.

  1. How do you know how far in it has to go? 
    No part of the cup can be outside your body and you cannot feel it if you have inserted it right. Even the little nob at the base has to be inside, but just within reach when you put a finger. Don’t worry, it won’t go in too far as only liquids can go past your cervix.
  2. Do you put it right when you see you got your period? I can’t predict my period.
    Just as soon as you see red on your undies, similar to a pad or tampon. 
  3. I’m scared it won’t come out. What do I do if I can’t get it out?
    Just breathe and push down (thatamanna) as though you’re going to poop or push a baby out. Put two fingers in and pinch the base of the cup. This breaks the vacuum and you can pull it out. It was easy for me to get mine out when I pushed down on my pelvic muscles. If it doesn’t work the first time, come back later and try again. On your first attempt taking it out, remember, do not panic. If you panic, there is a chance that your vaginal muscles will tense and you will find it more difficult to take out.
  4. Does it hurt when you insert it?
    Personally, it didn’t hurt, just a slight “pressured” sensation for the first few seconds which is also rather pleasant when the cup is warm after sterilisation till I push it past the flappy bits at the vagina opening. I did a little standing up/ squatting ritual till the rim of the cup was inside and just pushed it and –floop- it slides into place and opens up. And after that, I don’t even feel it. I am not exaggerating. You don’t even feel it inside you. I have got feedback saying that taking the cup out hurts a bit. This is probably because the opening of the cup is larger when it comes out than it goes in.
  5. How often do I have to sterilise it?
    Wash hands well with soap before you handle the cup. You can wash the cup in boiling / warm water before the first use in every cycle. Rinse it with normal water between insertions. If I was at home, I just dipped it in boiling water too since I had access to it just cuz I could. But it’s not compulsory.
  6. I have a heavy flow. Will the cup be enough for me? 
    A woman will bleed about 30 to 40 ml. That’s about half a cup or a few tablespoons. A sanitary pad will hold about 5ml but as you already know, it looks like you’re bleeding a river down there. That’s probably because of the way the pad absorbs, and it gives us the false impression of how much we bleed. The boondh cup holds 12 ml of blood, which is why we can wear it for longer, almost 8 to 10 hours even on the first day.
  7. Do I lose my virginity when I use it?
    No. And here is a comprehensive article as to why that is a no.
  8. What about Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)? TSS (which mimics flu symptoms) occurs when bacteria grows. This can be avoided by sterilising the cup before you use + only having it inside you for 8 – 12 hours at a stretch.
  9. What if I can’t sterilise it before I use it? If you don’t have the facility to sterilise the cup right before you insert it (travelling etc) you can sterilise the cup, store it in a clean, dry place and insert the cup within 24 hours. Reason being, not everything you stick up there, is sterilised.

You might take a few tries to get to the rhythm of it. Once you do, you’re going to be writing your own blogs and testimonials and buying these magic cups to your girlfriends asll. Trust me on that one! 🙂

How do I buy a period cup in Sri Lanka?

You can buy the boondh cup from me. Please place your orders on this form, and you will receive a text confirmation of it. I offer delivery as well as the pickup option.




I’ve also opened up Instagram and Facebook social media pages to reach more people. So give us a follow to join the talk on all things period. ❤


7 thoughts on “Menstrual Cups in Sri Lanka

    1. Hey Paige! I know! it erked me the first time too. But once I put it in and took it out for the first time, it was not at all a biggie. Its just the newness of the idea. This freaky feeling vanishes once you try and you won’t be able to stop talking about it. 😀 Do email me when you’re ready for the cup. And feel free to ask me any questions too! Always open for answering and clearing doubts.


  1. Psyched to hear that it’s available in Sri Lanka! I researched menstrul cups a few years ago but didn’t go through with it because I didn’t know what size to get, it was expensive to ship here, etc. Is this brand available only in one size?


    1. Hey there! I sell it at 3200 via the boondh brand from India. It’s one-size-fits-all which is why even I preferred it when I was making the purchase. I was too overwhelmed by the number of variations/sizes and all that that was available online.


    1. Hello! Boondh is a social enterprise based in India. I (Nadeesha Paulis) advocate it here in Sri Lanka. All the money I collect from the cups go straight to the organisation and support their activities. They do a lot of work on sustainable menstrual literacy and advocacy. Not only the sales of period cups. Bonndh is only a brand much like Diva cup (39$ or 7000LKR ) and moon cup (price range 20$ – 40$ or 3600 LKR to 7200) which are commercial brands manufacturing the cup.

      One of the reasons of me actively making awareness on social media (and literally everywhere I go) is that it helps more women. I always encourage people to buy it from anywhere (aliexpress, ebay and so on) and use it somehow. However, some women prefer to trust a local partner such as myself and also help this organisation in the process (rather than supporting the big commercial brands). I too tried to order from ebay once and the cups I ordered, although medium was HUGE and instantly discouraged me to use it. It’s quality also looked questionable. And that’s why when I used boondh, i quickly noticed how convenient and size friendly it is. Which is why I can openly recommend it to anyone since I’ve used it and it is fully confident in it. You and anyone else are more than welcome to buy it from a whatever brand that you like / prefer. My aim from all this blogging, posting etc is that more people switch to the cup. 🙂 Not to rip people off. I hope all this answered your question. Cheers!


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