Not okay

I haven’t said this out loud in a while. I’m not okay. I’m saying it again. I’m not okay. Things aren’t that great. My mind is a rush. I haven’t been myself lately. I feel a bit confused. I don’t really know what I’m doing. Or what I should be doing. Things are moving so fast, that I haven’t had any time to make any sense of it. I’ve been in such a rush, getting ahead of myself from yesterday, convincing myself and everyone else that everything is alright, that I’ve forgotten what it feels like when things aren’t okay.

I feel ashamed to admit that I’m not feeling alright. Because everyone else’s lives look so amazing and so incredible, that I feel ashamed to say that mine isn’t going that great. Instagram doesn’t help. Everyone is living a fabulous life on it. (Not me though.) And the worst part is if I say this out loud, people are going to talk behind my back, shaking their head, “Such a nice person no? Didn’t think that will happen. She has everything no. He is so smart no. In vain.ย api kiwwuane. We told you so. In vain.ย Such a nice person.”

Well, nice people have off days too. So take a deep breath. Have an off day. Take a day off. It’s okay to not be okay. โค

Sometimes I feel that the life we portray and the life we actually live don’t match. We’re under so much pressure to walk around like we’re invincible, that we don’t know what to do when we actually realise that we are, in fact, vulnerable. But I’m here to tell you that, you’re not alone. We all get the occasional off day, but the good thing about the off days, much like the good days, is that it too shall pass. ๐Ÿ™‚


7 thoughts on “Not okay

      1. Yup…. But when there is too much conflict in our inner feelings and the outer behavior, we tend to feel stressed, anxious and uncomfortable by the differential pressure causing this. We end up harming ourselves. So, it’s always better to listen to our inner voice and try to be as real as we can. It’s good if the world is ready to accept our real face. If not, let if go, it’s not worth the effort on the cost of our own inner peace and satisfaction.

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  1. โ€œSometimes I feel that the life we portray and the life we actually live donโ€™t match.โ€
    I think this makes a lot of sense these days akki


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