There is something beautiful about falling in love with your friend. You know him. Her body is a familiar place, like home and you’re always welcome, especially after a really bad day.ย  You just want to be cradled and told that everything will be alright. The beauty in it is that there is no talking; just sitting in silence while you digest a well-deserved Giovanni’s pizza and that’s all the comfort you need in the world at that point.ย There is something everlasting about the setting sun that soaks you in golden sunbeams and blinds the evening sky with streaks of salmon pink.ย  There is something very real about new lovers discovering each other, and old lovers stumbling upon long-lost fears. About friends wrapped in each others’ emotions, in each others’ warm skin and the ocean singing her endless song in the background.

There is great meaning behind losing everything and still finding it in you to stand up and walk away from a cheating partner, letting yourself heal after a broken heart and letting the pain strip you down and re-build you from scratch, stronger, gentler. There is depth in being vulnerable with your friends when you confess to them that you have cancer and that you need treatment to be better. There is something beautiful about dancing in the rain, with the energy that swims from a body to body and living your dream of creating art in front of a hall full of friends. There is magic in between your fingers, in the way you reach out to feed rice and curry to your friends like your mother did, fondly, carefully, in the way your fingers run across curly hair, decoding each hair strand and pulling it closer to you, in the same way they move across a keyboard to message someone you like, in the way they cradle an injured baby bird or run across your neck absentmindedly, like an afterthought you hang on to for just a little while longer.

There is something hauntingly beautiful about all these little things in life, that we sometimes miss because life is too fast and we’re too busy trying to keep up with it to actually live life in its moment, right now.


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